Port Huron Figure Skating Club...Milestones

January 23, 1963 ... With the adoption of the By-Laws, the Port Huron Figure Skating Club became a member club of the United States Figure Skating Association.
April 10, 1965 ...  Port Huron Figure Skating Club held its first test session.
1967-1968 ... The first Precision team was formed.
March 1968 ... Port Huron Figure Skating Club hosted its first Tri-States Competition.  The Tri-States area includes Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.  Canadian competitors were also invited to the competition.
June 21, 1969 ...  PHFSC had five individuals attend a judging school in Lansing, Michigan.  Eventually one of the five, William Gilbert, became the club's first official USFSA judge.
December 10-12, 1970 ...  Eastern Great Lakes Regional Competition was held in Port Huron.  The Regional Competition is the first step toward a U.S. Championship.
1970-1971 Season ...  The club's highest membership was attained - 395 members.
September 1971 ...  The first Fall School was held in Port Huron.  Twenty-five skaters participated in this Fall session.
March 28, 1974 ...  PHFSC had its first member to attain a Gold Medal in Dance; Sandra [Gilbert] Magneson.
1988 Season ...  The first Edith Scheonrock International Competition was held.
February 1991 ...  The Tri-States Precision Team competition was held in Port Huron.
2004-2005 Season ...  Synchronized skating is reintroduced with the creation of Synchronicity.
2018-2019 Season ...  A Theatre On Ice team is formed.