FAQs about Figure Skating and our Club


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Make sure to provide an up to date email address on your registration form


Private Lessons

To register for the FS (senior or junior) or the Dance sessions, a skater must be taking lessons from one of our coaches. Private lessons are booked with the coach directly (see coaches bios) and not through the PHFSC. The cost of a private lesson will vary by coach. Private lessons do not include the ice time. That is purchased through the PHFSC.


You must hire a coach in order to sign up for private lesson sessions. Private lesson prices include only the ice time. Coaches are paid separately. To find out the cost you must ask your specific coach, as each are different.

A skater is ready for private lessons when they have passed the LTS program or when a parent feels their child would benefit from one on one instruction.  Skaters receiving private lessons will be elidgable to participate in competitions and tests with their private coach.


Stroking & Spins Sessions

Stroking is a group lesson that is taught by the PHFSC coaches that is included and available for all registered skaters. Check the season schedule to see when stroking is available for your skater's level.

We are now offering a spins class that will be taught in a group by your private lesson coach. Check the season schedule to see when spins class is available for your private lesson skater.



Testing is done to move skaters up in levels after they have completed the LTS program. Talk to your coach to get more information and to find out if your skater is ready to test.

Testing includes Moves in the Field, Freestyle, and Dance. Test days are typically held 4 times a year at our club - in February, May, August, and November.  The November test day determines ice show casting placement. Refer to the "Events" then "USFSA Testing" page on our site for more information on testing.


Club Jackets

If your skater would like to have a PHFSC club jacket, you must first purchase your own jacket. Any color can be used, however, black is the most common. Once you have purchased the jacket, bring it to the rink to be embroidered. The cost is $22 and includes the skater’s name on the front. Please include payment and a note with “PHFSC logo’” and skater’s name written on it when dropping the jacket off. Jackets should be given to Steve Harris. Steve’s wife, Rebecca, does the embroidery. If you are unsure who that is, ask a coach or board member for assistance. Jackets can also be dropped off at the LTS table.  Forms available upon request.


Spirit Wear

Cedar Hill Graphics in Port Huron has spirit wear available for purchase year round. We hope to hold a sale at the rink in November.


Skates & Skate Sharpening

If your LTS skater needs new skates, check with the LTS Director to see if there are any used skates available for sale. It is very important that skates fit correctly, please check with your private lessons coach before purchasing skates. Dancer’s World in Fort Gratiot, Jones Skate Shop in Detroit, and Podium Skates in Garden City are just a couple of places many of our skaters have used and might recommend.  When you need to get skates sharpened, it’s a preference as to where you take your skates. Steve Harris at Glacier Pointe can sharpen figure skates. Also, some skaters take their skates to Jones at the Detroit Skate Club, some drive to Podium Skates in Garden City, or go over to Canada.



The Club tries to host a Used Dress, Skate, and Apparel Sale each year before the Club Competition to swap items. There is also an album just for this purpose in the PHFSC Basic Skills Program Facebook Group. If you’re looking for a new, custom dress Audrey at Dancer’s World would be happy to help. There are also many, many resources online. Once you’ve hired a private coach be sure to check with your coach before ordering a dress in case he or she has a preference.