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What is the “High School Team”?

High School Figure Skaters in Michigan compete in 6 Districts, each composed of 6-12 teams. The Blue Water United Skating Team is part of District 5.  Each school/team may field any or all of "A", "B", and "C" level teams, which compete separately. The "A" teams have the most difficult elements, "C" teams have the least difficult. Teams (of at least 2 skaters) participate in 3 initial-round competitions within their own District, then the victors from each district meet in a final State Championship Competition in March.

The initial-round competitions in each district are Team Compulsory competitions. At these competitions, there are 3 events at each level - a Jumps event, a Spins event, and a Moves event. Each event has 4 "elements" - elements are performed by a single skater from each team, in team rotation. Each competition lasts about 4 hours, and teams compete against other teams within their own district to earn a position in the State Championship competition.

The 2-day State Championship offers a final Team event in the same format as described above. It also offers a large variety of "Individual" events such as free skating, dance, and showcase which allow skaters to earn State Individual medals.

A, B, and C Team Levels for 2018-2019

Test levels as of November 9, 2018

Level A/High
Spins – No Restrictions
Jumps – No Restrictions
Moves – No Restrictions

Level B/Intermediate
Spins – Must not have passed Intermediate Freestyle
Jumps – Must not have passed Intermediate Freestyle
Moves – Must not have passed Novice Moves

Level C/Low
Spins – Must not have passed Preliminary Freestyle
Jumps – Must not have passed Preliminary Freestyle
Moves – Must not have passed Pre-Juvenile Moves


District 5 Competitions were held the past couple of years at:

Dearborn Ice Skating Center (DISC)
14900 Ford Rd
Dearborn, MI 48126

The last competition of the season is usually “Senior Night” where any graduating seniors are honored.

Ice Available: 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Practice @ 4:00 p.m. Practice ice is usually divided into two different warm ups.  It’s important to get to the rink on time in case our time has the first practice ice time. 

First event @ 5:00 p.m.


Medals are awarded at the competitions for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.  Each skater that skates an element for a team that places will receive a medal. 


Our team will have several practices at Glacier Pointe with at least one scheduled before each competition and we also schedule practice ice for our team ice show number.

We also try to plan a team event after the season is over.  Last year we went to Sperry’s Movie House and saw a movie and then had dinner together.  Suggestions are welcome.  

Varsity Letters and Awards

Some schools will award letters for participation with our high school team.  Michigan High School Skating adheres to all of the rules and regulations of the Michigan High School Athletic Association.  The requirements to earn letters and/or a pin include GPA of 3.0 or higher, 2 years of participation and/or level B skating.  If someone achieves level A skating, then they automatically letter.  After you’ve lettered your school may award a bar to add to your letter each subsequent year you’re on the team.  Additionally, your school may recognize the team as a club activity and award seniors with a cord for graduation. Your school may or may not recognize these requirements or your participation, but we are happy to assist you and will contact your school’s athletic director with you to see what we can do.

Some high schools may even feature the Blue Water United Skating Team in their yearbook.  Check with your school’s yearbook editor to see if this an option and find out your yearbook deadlines to submit photos. 

Cost per Skater

TBD – includes competition fees, practice ice, and coaching fees (depends on number of skaters).


You may purchase a warm up jacket from Amazon and have it embroidered by Steve Harris’ wife, Rebecca, with the team logo (left chest).  The jacket style is called Holloway Women's Dedication Jacket and it is around $40 without embroidery.  Most skaters get their name (right chest) and graduation year (right sleeve) on their jackets.  There are also matching pants on Amazon. 


Dresses may be available from skaters who have graduated or are no longer skating.  Audrey from Dancer’s World can make a new dress for approximately $140.  Alterations are also available through Audrey.  She can be reached at 810-434-6657.  Dancer’s World is located at 3900 Pine Grove Ave., Suite 11, Port Huron, Michigan 48059.  Always call first.  Note: These dresses are also worn during our number in the ice show. 

For the 2019-2020 season, we will be phasing in a new dress to the number of skaters expected to join the team. More information will be coming soon.


The team is coached by Justin Williams.  He can be contacted at 810-824-9510 or [email protected].

The current team managers are Kristi Tanton (810-357-2917 or [email protected]) and Jessica Thompson-Albert (810-841-6708 or [email protected]).


Senior Gift

It’s customary for any seniors on the team to give the skaters a small gift – gloves, hair ties, etc. 

Spirit Wear

For the 2018-2019 season, we worked with TP Logos in Marysville.  They offered an online platform and had apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, and ¼ zip shirts, hats, and duffel bags available for purchase.  If the team has continued interested, we’ll see if they’ll “open” the store back up for us.


We do not have any fundraisers planned at this time. 

Facebook Group

Blue Water United does have a closed Facebook Group to keep the skaters and parents informed.  Request to join!

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