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Ice Show

Port Huron Figure Skating Club
Proudly Presents

PHFSC Ice Fantasies 2019
March 2, 2019

McMorran Place Main Arena
Shows at 1:00 and 7:00 pm

Discount Tickets

Save over $10 and purchase a Family Four Pack of Ice Show tickets that includes 2 Adult tickets and 2 Senior/Students tickets good for either show for only $30.  This special is only available for a limited time through our website for advance online sales.  Tickets must be paid for in advance using the PayPal “Buy Now” button below. Tickets will be available for pickup the day of the show at the North McMorran ticket booth. If you have any questions regarding tickets, please contact Kristi Tanton at [email protected] or text 810-357-2917.

We're sorry... This offer is no longer available. Please purchase your tickets at the door.  We're excited you're coming and hope you enjoy the show!  If you try contacting Kristi, please be patient as we're busy setting up for the show and may not be easily reached. Thanks for your understanding.  


When is ice show?
The first Saturday in March.

How many numbers will my child be in?

Every skater will be in at least one number. Skaters that take first place at the William E. Gilbert Sr Memorial Club Competition get an extra number in the ice show. Additional numbers are earned based on meeting Ice Show qualifications – such as skaters who have tested at least two dances and met the requirements. This is all outlined in the Ice Show newsletter and Ice Show Policies you will receive in January.

How much does it cost to participate in Ice Show?

Price is available on the current Ice Show registration form. Typically, there is a $120 participation fee that includes one costume, tights, $20 worth of ice show tickets, family cast party, and the Ice Show registration fee to pay for Ice Show expenses. There are many other optional items to purchase including T-shirts, DVD, posters, program, ads, pictures, etc.

A Picture Day will be held in January where a professional photographer will take group and individual photos of our skaters. The group photos are used in the ice show program. Please remember to get in line at Picture Day so you do not miss out on all the fun - where you'll sign up to volunteer, order t-shirts, DVDs, program ads, etc.

How can I help?

  • Parents are required to sign up for at least one volunteer spot per skater. Signups will be available at Ice Show picture day. Many, many volunteers are needed to make our ice show a success.
  • Help with the Poker Fundraiser. Poker pays for a large part of our Ice Show. Watch for our next sign up for our Poker fundraiser. It not only helps our show but your skater too! See Scott Shepherd for more information on Poker.
  • Sell ice show program ads! Earn money for your skating account and help raise funds for the ice show.
  • Attend board meetings leading up to Ice Show. We are always looking for parents to help with small and big projects.

What else do I need to know?

When the Ice Show Newsletter is distributed, READ IT! It contains EVERYTHING you need to know about ice show including the practice schedule, Picture Day times, and policies.

Ticket Prices  Adults $12; Students/Seniors (60 & up) $8

Children 3 years & under are admitted free.


Tickets purchased before or at Dress Rehearsal: Adults $10; Students/Seniors $6


2019 Ice Show Co- Directors/Choreographers

Linda Murray | [email protected] | 810-300-2642

Kim Kirkendall | [email protected] | 810-334-1988


2019 Ice Show Assistant Directors

Tracy Dewey | [email protected] | 810-434-4861

Alyssa Hankins | [email protected]| 810-334-2870
Justin Williams | [email protected] | 810-824-9510

Additional Choreographers

Patrice Lottner | [email protected] | 810-334-7560

Sandy Magneson |[email protected] | 810-650-6994

Scott Magneson | [email protected]  

Hitomi Williams| [email protected]| 810-479-1059


2019 PHFSC Board President

Scott Shepherd | [email protected] 

2019 PHFSC Board Treasurer

Beth Wisner | [email protected] | 586-709-8470


Important Dates to Remember

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Ice Show Picture Day

(schedule on Page 8 of Ice Show Newsletter)


February 4, 2019

Ice Show Practice Begins

(schedule on Page 13 of Ice Show Newsletter)


March 1, 2019

Full Dress Rehearsal at McMorran


March 2, 2019 | Ice Show


March 7, 2019 | Cast Party


March 18, 2019
Spring Session Begins

What You Need to Know About Ice Show Picture Day

Before Picture Day


Costumes - Additional pieces to a costume (such as gloves, belts and hairpieces) will be handed out on picture day. Make sure to have your child try on all costumes prior to picture day. All costume fees must be paid in full before receiving costumes.  Questions? For costumes, contact Kim Kirkendall at [email protected] | 810-334-1988.


PLEASE NOTE: Any remaining ice balance must be paid by January 6, 2019 or your child will not be able to skate in the ice show.  For ice payments, contact Beth Wisner at [email protected]| 586-709-8470.


Picture Day – Picture Day will run from 8:45 am to 5:55 pm on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at Landmark Academy in Kimball.  See attached schedule (Page 8) for specific group times and instructions. Pictures may be purchased through the professional photographer, Keepsake Video and Photography, by filling out an order form. If your child is unable to attend, please contact Kim Kirkendall at [email protected] | 810-334-1988.


Picture Forms - Picture forms should be filled out prior to picture day and are available in this newsletter on Page 9.


Picture Day is also the time to take care of all necessary Ice Show requirements:


·         Volunteer Sign Up – As a reminder, all skaters are required to have a parent or another adult assist with the ice the show by volunteering a minimum of one entire show.  It takes many, many volunteers to put together a successful show. 


Sign-up sheets will be available for you to choose the volunteer hours you would like to commit to for the Ice Show. Security, Lighting, Set-up, Take Down, Program or Flower Sales, Chaperones, Dressing Rooms, and Ticket Sales all need volunteers. It takes all of us to put on such a great show! Please start thinking about which shows you are available to help at prior to picture day.


We also are following the US Figure Skating SafeSport Program requirements this year.  Volunteers signing up to chaperone, assist with dressing rooms or quick change, and work security posts will be required to complete the SafeSport Program prior to volunteering.  Instructions on completing SafeSport through will be provided.  You will also be reimbursed the $20 background check fee for your commitment to keeping our skaters safe.  Thank you in advance! 


Here is a brief description of each volunteer task. 

o    Set Up – You will be helping set up, usually covering boards, setting up lights, on-ice tables, stage, etc. the day before the show, time to be determined but starting at approximately 9 or 10 am. This job could be from 3 to 6 hours depending on how many people sign up for the job.

o    Take Down – You will be helping take down the lights, stage, clear the boards, the on-ice tables.  Your duty begins at the end of show and lasts usually 1-2 hours.

o    Security Post – You will be assigned a security post and will be responsible for only allowing people with the correct badge entrance or exit. Starts one and a half hours before the show until one hour after show. SafeSport certification required. 

o    Tickets – You may be selling tickets in the box office or collecting tickets at the doors. Starts one hour and a half hours before the show until show starts.

o    Selling flowers, programs, or 50/50 tickets – You may be selling flowers, programs, or 50/50 tickets at a table in the hall or selling programs and 50/50 tickets in the audience. Starts one and a half hours before the show until after intermission.

o    Chaperone (skaters in one number) – You will be assigned to a group and will be responsible for keeping the group together, keeping them seated and quiet, getting them backstage for their number, and returning them to their seats after their number. Starts one and a half hours before the show until last skater in your group has been picked up.  SafeSport certification required. 

o    Dressing Rooms – You will be assigned to a dressing room and will be responsible for keeping food and drink out of the dressing room, assisting skaters with any costume emergency, loss of costume, skate guards (you name it). Starts one hour before show until last skater in the dressing room is gone. SafeSport certification required. 

Please remember volunteers cannot leave their posts unless there is another volunteer present to fill in. 


·         T-Shirts and Hoodies – Ice show shirt information will be made available to club members in January.


·         Ice Show Tickets

o    Every family is required to help sell tickets in advance for our show.

•      New this year we will be holding a drawing based on ticket sales.

·         For each ticket you sell you will receive an entry into a general drawing.

·         For every 10 tickets you sell you will receive an entry into an exclusive drawing.

·         The top seller from the club will also receive a special prize.

o    Each table that you sell will count as 5 entries.

o    So that you have ample time to sell your tickets we are handing them out early and not requiring payment until Friday, March 1, 2019 (Dress Rehearsal). You can pay a discounted cost for each ticket you sell up to Dress Rehearsal.

Adult tickets:   $12 - your cost is $10

Senior/Student tickets:   $8 - your cost is $6

o    $20 worth of complimentary ice show tickets have been included in each 1st family member ice show registration this year.

o    You can get more discounted tickets up to Dress Rehearsal if you find you need more.  However, any additional discounted tickets will need to be paid for when received at Dress Rehearsal.

o    Ticket money must be turned in before Dress Rehearsal for your skater(s) to participate in the ice show.

o    Complete the form at the end of this packet when picking up/purchasing your tickets.

o    Tickets can be picked up at the rink from Kristi Tanton or by contacting her at [email protected] | 810-357-2917 to make other arrangements.

o    We’d like to try something new this year to encourage more ticket sales and will be offering a Family Four Pack of tickets at an even bigger discount.  The Family Four Pack will include 2 Adult tickets and 2 Senior/Student tickets.  The regular price would be $40 but we’ll be selling this at a discounted rate of $30 for advance sales only.  We’ll also have it available for sale on our website for a limited time – – and the tickets will be available for pickup at the North McMorran ticket booth.  This way we can promote online ticket sales as well to the general public and promote our website. 


·         On Ice Tables – Enjoy table seating at ice level!  Tables may be purchased for both shows (1 pm and 7 pm) for $325.00 or a table for one show $165. The tables have 6 seats for one performance and extra seats are $25. If you wish you may purchase individual seats without buying a table and the price for these seat tickets will be $35. The company or family name will appear in our program (if purchased by February 4th).  One Ice Tables each include 3 programs as well as coffee and beverage service, a dessert platter, and a cheese and cracker platter.  Skaters with families who purchase tables are also invited to join the tables after the show to see their families and meet the guest skaters.  Look for the sign-up poster to reserve your table. Tables will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Questions? Contact Casey Deering at [email protected] | 586-405-1550. 


·         Program Ads – Use your picture from picture day for a personal or business ad in the ice show program. All photos from picture day will be available for the program ads. Fill out and turn in the attached forms (Page 11-12) on picture day with your ad idea and which picture to use. Questions? Contact Linda Murray at [email protected] | 810-300-2642.


We are also looking for new advertisements in our Ice Show Program. We would like YOU to benefit from every new advertisement brought in! Selling advertisements is a quick easy way to take money off your ice bill. 20% of every ad you sell will go toward your balance with the PHFSC or be a credit with PHFSC for the next season. It’s as simple as this:

o    Find a business to place an ad.

o    20% of the ad value will be deducted from your PHFSC bill.

o    Only one skater may claim each ad and must be listed on the ad form.

o    It applies to ANY business ad (**Excluded ads that cannot be claimed by skaters are: Glacier Pointe, McMorran, Thorpe Printing, TP Logo, Cedar Hill Graphics, Speedy Print, Theatre on Ice, High School Team, Collegiate team, Dancer’s World or personal skater ads**)

o    Ads must be in by February 8, 2019 to take advantage of this deal.

o    You can use photos from picture day in your ads. Just specify that on your ad form and we will insert them after we receive them.

o    This offer will not include any personal skater ads.

o    If you own a business and wish to add your business into the personal ad; it will count towards the offer.


·         “One Liner” Text Only Ads – Purchase a one liner ad – 30 words or less – for $10 to be included in the program.  Give your skater a shout out from Grandma and Grandpa, thank your coach, etc.  Complete the order form on Page 10.  Ads are due by February 7th.  Contact Kristi Tanton for more information at [email protected] | 810-357-2917.


·         Video – The show will be videoed for you to purchase. Keepsake Video and Photo will be videoing our show. Kristi Tanton will be taking DVDs orders and payments on picture day and during ice show practices. The cost for each DVD is $25. Contact Kristi at [email protected] | 810-357-2917.


·         Live Action PhotosKeepsake Video and Photo will be trying something else new this year and taking professional live action shots during one of the shows.  For solos and features, you can purchase all the images of your skater for a set price of $25.  For the group numbers, the images will be available to purchase a la carte and you can choose which images to purchase after the show via an online gallery. Pricing options will be available at a later date. Contact Keepsake Video and Photo directly at [email protected] | 810-327-2051.


·         Cast Party – Cast Party is planned for Thursday, March 7, 2019.  We invite everyone back to Glacier Pointe Arena one more day!   There will be a pizza party (pizza and pop will be provided) starting at 5:00 pm with an hour of family skating from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Cost was included with ice show registration.  Skaters are asked to bring a snack to add to our party. Please keep your snack size small. This party is open to skaters and their families. For any questions concerning cast party contact Tracy Dewey at [email protected] | 810-434-4861 or Alyssa Hankins at [email protected]| 810-334-2870.


Picture Day Check List

Please remember the following:

o    Security Release Form (only if changes from original registration)

o    Ice Show Tickets & Money

o    Volunteer Sign-Up (mandatory)

o    T-shirt/Sweatshirt Order

o    Program Ad and/or One-Liner Ads

o    On-Ice Table

o    Ticket Information – Receipt Letter

o    All other balances due on January 26th

Picture Day Schedule

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Landmark Academy (High School)

Same Location as Last Year

4864 Lapeer Road, Kimball, MI


8:00-8:45                                                              ***SET UP***






























30 MIN











































******CLEAN UP******


·         If your skater is unable to attend, please contact Kim Kirkendall at 810-334-1988.

·         PLEASE... Arrive 45 minutes BEFORE your scheduled time

·         Pictures will not be held for late arrivals.

·         Due to the number of skaters that will be there, your time, patience and understanding will be appreciated.

·         See Page 9 for the Picture Day photo order forms.  Complete one form per skater per number.  Please complete in advance to save time on Picture Day.

·         Please, no glitter in hair!  Save it for the hair.  It doesn’t show up in photos and leaves a mess to clean up.    


Attendance Procedure

·         Absences – All practices are important. Any skater with more than 2 absences from the same number will be removed from the number unless determined by the Directors.

·         Any skater that steps on the ice after the practice starts will have the following apply:  Skaters that miss more than 10 minutes of a 30 minute practice or 15 minutes of a 45 minute practice will be counted as absent for that practice. 

·         These policies have been established to provide equal opportunity to each skater within the Port Huron Figure Skating Club. Every skater has an equal chance to participate in Ice Show numbers according to his/her testing levels in the area of freestyle, moves and dance. Every Skater must follow the attendance policy stipulated to be fair to all skaters involved in each number to generate a polished number for the Ice Show.

·         Learn to SkateLearn to Skate skaters must attend at least half of their scheduled practices and dress rehearsal in order to perform in the show. This is only for the Learn to Skate group numbers.

·         Conflicting Dates – If there are conflicting dates with ice show practices that are school functions, which will affect the skater’s grade, a schedule of conflicting dates MUST be submitted to the Ice Show Directors 1 week PRIOR to the date to begin practices or picture day (whichever one comes first).

·         Illnesses – In the event the skater is ill and cannot make practice the skater/parent must contact the coach of the number no later than 2 hours before the ice show practice. In the event the skater misses 2 practices due to illness, the skater will be removed from that ice show number (unless waived which is determined by the Directors as well as the coach of the number for extenuating circumstances only).  See Page 1 for contact information for coaches.

Security Procedure


In order to make this a safe and fun experience for all of our skaters, we are again this year enforcing a secured area around the McMorran Main Arena ice surface during the Dress Rehearsal, and Saturday performances of 1 pm and 7 pm. To help keep the security process working safely and quickly, we ask that you follow a few simple procedures:


Suggested Parking is the North McMorran Parking Lot.  The normal event parking fee for the day is $5.

Will Call is the North Ticket Booth.


Skater Drop Off and Check In: 

·         All skaters and volunteers MUST check-in at the SECURITY CHECK-IN entrance located at the Northwest side entrance to McMorran’s Main Arena. This is the same area as Skater Drop off. (Please refer to the map below).


Skater Pick Up and Release:

·         Skaters will be picked up at the Northwest Side INTERIOR entrance to McMorran’s Main Arena (please refer to the map below).

·         Anyone picking up a skater must have a valid picture ID available if requested.


Important to Remember

·         Skaters need to arrive at least 1 hour prior to each show in costume (with skates on if in first half) no matter which half of the show they skate in.  Chaperones will help skaters during intermission put on skates for the second half.

·         Skaters may be picked up after the finale of the first half or the finale of the second half.  You may do so at the Northwest Side INTERIOR entrance.  Please allow skater time to remove skates and gather items.

·         Skaters may only enter and exit the backstage area by the areas listed above.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

·         Only people with a Security Badge will be allowed beyond the Security doors.

·         Parents need to be prepared to leave skaters at the security entrance.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

·         Skaters will ALWAYS be under US Figure Skating SafeSport certified adult supervision while backstage.

·         A Security Release Form must be completed and returned for each skater.

·         Please no electronic devices with skaters and no cell phones/camera use in locker rooms.

Day of the Show


Skaters in 1 Number

·         Come dressed in costume with skates if in 1st half.  An area will be provided to assist small children with their skates.

·         Check in backstage one hour before each show:

1:00 pm show arrive at noon

7:00 pm show arrive at 6:00 pm

·         Eat before going beyond the security checkpoint.

Skaters in 2 or More Numbers

·         Arrive backstage at least one hour prior to each show:

1:00 pm show arrive at noon

7:00 pm show arrive at 6:00 pm

·         Mark all costumes (and accessories) with skater’s name.

·         Mark all hangers with skater’s name.

·         Each costume needs its own hanger.

·         Costume accessories should be in plastic bag and attached to costume.

·         Don’t eat in costume.

·         Wear robe while dressed in costume.

·         Remember Dressing Room Items:

o    Small stand up mirror

o    Small package of tissues

o    Make-up

o    Hair brush / hair spray

o    Small rug or towel to stand on

o    Bathrobe to wear between numbers

Reminders to All Skaters

·         Be on time and come prepared!

·         No one will be allowed on the ice surface following the 1st half.  After the 2nd half finale, all skaters must clear the ice and ONLY those with a table will be allowed on the ice for 10 minutes for pictures.

·         Only food provided will be permitted backstage and only bottled water.

·         Enjoy the Show!


*Parents:  because of limited space backstage… MUST bring your child dressed and ready to the show except for skates.  You can tie their skates if in 1st half in the carpeted area provided and then your child will be escorted to their group section for the show, which will have chaperones there for each group. 

* Parents that are NOT signed up to volunteer during the show… will have to enter the show through the Main Entrance ONLY and will require a purchased ticket. 

*Skaters will not be released until INTERMISSION (for 1st Half skaters only) once a skater is checked out by a parent during the show, they will not be able to enter again (until the next show).  The volunteers at the check-out door will not know what half your child is in so, if they are checked out before their number they will miss their skate in the show.  2nd Half skaters will be released to a parent at the check-out door at the end of the show.  Allow time for skaters to remove skates and gather items before expecting them to be checked out.

*Please arrive by noon to drop off your child for the 1 p.m. show and 6 p.m. for the 7 p.m. show!

*All Volunteers need to report to their designated post by their given time.

***Parents please understand…these “REMINDERS” are for the SAFETY and SECURITY of YOUR child!!!****

Ice Show Casting


Please refer to your Ice Show Newsletter

Ice Show Practice Schedule


2019 ICE SHOW PRACTICE SCHEDULE - "Blades on Broadway"


Weeks 1-3 Practice Schedule


Monday, Feb. 4, 11, &18

4:00-4:30           Solos/Features

4:30-5:00           On Broadway/The World Will Know

5:00-5:30           Spoonful of Sugar/Honey, Honey/Take a Chance on Me

5:30-6:15           Let’s Go Fly a Kite/Seize the Day/Hot Honey Rag

6:15-7:00           Penguins/Tomorrow/Super Trouper


Tuesday, Feb. 5, 12, & 19

4:00-4:45           New York, New York/I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

4:45-5:30           Hard Knock Life/Razzle Dazzle

5:30-6:00           Cell Block Tango/Supercalifragilistric…

6:00-6:30           Step in Time/Carrying the Banner


Thursday, Feb. 7, 14, & 21

4:00-4:45           On Broadway/The World Will Know

4:45-5:30           Spoonful of Sugar/Honey, Honey/Take a Chance on Me

5:30-6:00           Let’s Go Fly a Kite/Seize the Day/Hot Honey Rag

6:00-6:30           Penguins/Tomorrow/Super Trouper


Friday, Feb. 8, 15, & 22

4:00-4:30           Solos/Features

4:30-5:00           New York, New York/I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

5:00-5:30           Hard Knock Life/Razzle Dazzle

5:30-6:15           Cell Block Tango/Supercalifragilistric…

6:15-7:00           Step in Time/Carrying the Banner

Week 4 Practice Schedule


Monday, Feb. 25

4:00-4:30           Solos/Features

4:30-5:00           Spoonful of Sugar/I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

5:00-6:30          1st HALF RUN THRU – ALL skaters stay until 6:30 for 1st Half Finale

6:30-7:00           Supercalifragilistric…/Step in Time


Tuesday, Feb. 26

4:00-4:30           Cell Block Tango/Carrying the Banner

4:30-5:00           Hard Knock Life/Razzle Dazzle

5:00-6:30          2nd HALF RUN THRU – ALL skaters stay until 6:30 for 2nd Half Finale


Thursday, February 28                                        

4:00-4:30           Solos/Features                        

4:30-5:00           On Broadway/High School Team/TOI              

5:00-5:30           Let’s Go Fly a Kite/Hot Honey Rag                   

5:30-6:00           Take a Chance on Me/Honey, Honey                                     

6:00-6:30           New York, New York/The World Will Know                                



4:00-4:30           Solos/Features

4:30-5:00           New York, New York    

5:00-6:00          1st HALF – DRESS REHEARSAL

6:00-6:15          Ice Resurface

6:15-7:15          2nd HALF – DRESS REHEARSAL

7:15-7:40           On Broadway


Saturday, March 2nd   ICE SHOW @ MCMORRAN ARENA



Ice Show Policies

Please check back for an updated version soon.  Thank you for your patience. 

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